The Sun Room

The Sun Room (grow box) is a portable alternative to building a permanent grow room for indoor growers. Ideal to fit into those places where room is a premium.

  • Measuring 3' 3 1/2" x 3' 3 1/2"x 6' 7", the Sun Room requires no tools to assemble.
  • The Sun Room is made of rugged materials for long life. An additional heat sealed, water resistant flooring provides added
    protection in the event of water or growing medium spills.
  • A tough canvas outer shell coupled with a thick reflective bright white PVC lining ensures years of continued use.
  • The frame consists of a metal rod structure which connects to strong precision nylon corner connectors. The upper frame supports LED grow lamps, or reflectors without built in ballasts and features an attachment for an exhaust fan and filter, including an exhaust sleeve.
  • The Sun Room will turn any space into a professional, air impermeable and light proof grow chamber!
  • Professional heavy duty zippers will close your Sun Room from the outside world.
  • The Sun Room is the perfect alternative to gardening out of doors, and allows the indoor grower to harvest year-round!

Download the easy and straight forward assemby instructions by clicking here!


  • Sun Room Gallery: Bottom inlet tube/vent
  • Sun Room Gallery: Flooring w/windows closed
  • Sun Room Gallery: Inside Sun Room
  • Sun Room Gallery: Upper outlet tubes/vents
  • Sun Room Gallery: Lower window/vents closed
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